Best Rated Miter Saw 2019: Affordable Power Tool For Home & Job Site


Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Miter saw is a helpful power tool in workshop and jobsite woodwork situations. It would be hard to try and imagine what a work can be done with manually operated saws. It would eventually turn out to be shabby and a lot of time would also be wasted in this process.

Miter saws are handy for individuals that have some difficult woodwork jobs to be done. When you have to get a job done efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy, powered miter saws are the answers to your situation.

The compact design, lightweight portability, and ease of use provided by miter saws is the major contributing factor to its widespread use. With this at your disposal, you are certain to be able to complete all your desired tasks without much stress.

For this reason, we have decided to bring to you the types of miter saws and key factors to consider before choosing one.


Types of Miter Saws

It is important to consider the various types of miter saws there are and how each type functions for better choosing options. These include;

Compound Miter Saws

The compound miter saws have the ability to make straight and smooth-angled cuts. This miter saw type brings to you the options of single and double bevels. It is designed to be way more versatile. This is such that it can make a variety of angled cuts easily.

It is also effective in making miter cuts and crosscuts and highly precise horizontal cuts. This is because the double beveled types have the ability to tilt to both sides enabling for higher versatility.

Sliding Compound Miter Saws

These are the most common types of miter saws. They are able to take on a much larger work scale and can rip through large logs of woodwork materials.

This in turn means that they are considered more powerful than the other types of miter saws. Also, this large working capacity is also down to the ability of this saw to slide forward and backwards. This is asides the fact that they are also able to make accurate and precise miter and bevel cuts.

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Basic/Stationary Compound Miter Saws

This compound miter saw type has a limited functionality. This in turn means that they are used only for specific project types.

These include, making trim cuts and making cross-cut and miter cuts. They have a limited ripping capacity that is restricted to miter cuts only. This is down to the fact that there is the absence of a bevel. This reduces your capability to make numerous variety cuts.

They come at highly affordable price ranges which makes them a perfect fit for beginner woodworkers with little or no experience of how miter saws work.


Tips on Choosing the Best Miter Saw for Use

Certain important factors come in play when it comes to choosing the best miter saw for your use apart from the types. These include the following.

Power Source

Majority of miter saws are produced with a ripping motor capacity ranging from about 12 to 15 amps. In situations where a larger work scale or relatively hard wood materials is involved, you are advised to go for those with the higher ripping motors (15 amp motors).

It is also important to note that corded electric powered miter saws are not the only available types. There are also the battery powered types that is fancied by a lot of users. They have an advantage of greater portability over the corded types. More so, they tend to last longer than the corded types because they possess brushless motors which in turn increase their lifespan and reduce maintenance cost. 

Blade Type and Cutting Capacity

The type of blade a miter saw possesses is also a major considering factor. This is because; different blade diameters have different cutting capabilities. The miter saw blades range from about 8-1/4” to 12” in diameter.

For an enhanced crosscut, the bigger blade diameters are advised for use. They also help in improving your bevel and miter cuts. Also, the numbers of teeth present on a blade matters a lot. An increased teeth number on a blade makes for a neater and much easier cutting process.

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Ripping Accuracy

A lot of features come in play to ensure an accurately ripping miter saw. One of these is an easy to read scale. The provided bevel and miter scales provided on your desired miter saw should be clearly marked and easy to read.

Also, the miter angles should also be variable so as to ensure variable cutting. The miter should have positive miter stops at different angles for easy adjustment of the miter. You should also ensure the angles provided for the bevel have a wide range. This enables you the ability to make accurate and precise miter cuts.

Furthermore is the cutting guide system that is made available. You have to ensure a good cutting guide is made available as a feature on your desired miter saw.

Several miter saw types make use of LED lights that cast a shadow which indicates the exact place the blade will cut. Some other miter saw types make use of a Laser guide tech which makes use of a laser pointer to indicate the point to be cut by the blade.



The price tag placed on any miter saw has a lot to say about that power tool. You are advised to desist from miter saws with extremely low price ranges. It is important to note that a miter saw with a good price tag is more durable and gives you a better performance than the less expensive ones.

Choosing from a cheap model means that you end up with a miter saw that will not last for a long period of time. This in turn makes you spend a lot overtime just to maintain the saw.

For this reason, choosing from a high-end model is better for you because you are able to get a highly durable miter saw that can withstand all form of adverse conditions and stand the test of time.


Helpful Tips

  • When choosing the right miter saw for your use, you should be sure to double-check the package delivered to you to be sure it is complete. This prevents you from making additional expenses for missing parts.
  • You are also encouraged to be sure of the safety features made provided for the saw. You are also advised to take your own safety precautions before use such as the use of gloves and protective eye wears.


Best Rated Miter Saw

Here is the list of the best miter saw that you can use either at home or at the job site.

  • Ryobi ZRTS1345L Compound Miter Saw
  • Makita LS1040 Compound Miter Saw
  • Bosch GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw
  • Oshlun LG-M01 Miter Saw Laser Guide
  • Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw
  • DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Miter Saw
  • DEWALT DW715 Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw


Ryobi ZRTS1345L Compound Miter Saw

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Electric Brake; Dual View Bevel


  • Laser line guide for cleaner cuts
  • Blade wrench for better accuracy
  • An efficient dust bag for dust collection
  • Table extensions for performing larger tasks


  • Might not be able to rip thoroughly through specific kinds of hardwood

This refurbished quality compound miter saw has a portable lightweight of about 25lbs. This is due to its compact production design which enables ease of use. This feature enables total control of the saw for higher precision and better cutting accuracy. Overall, he movement of the saw from one point to another on the job site or in a workshop is made relatively easy.

The presence of an electric brake is also a unique feature of this refurbished compound miter saw. This is not a commonly found feature in compound miter saws.

With this feature, you have total control of the saw and blade while working. Activation of this brake brings an instant stop to the ripping of the saw in seconds. This helps in improving the precision of your cuts.

Furthermore, this refurbished compound miter saw is notable for its high cutting accuracy and this is down to certain features and specs the saw possesses. One of these is the presence of a laser line guide. With the help of this laser guide, you are able to make highly accurate cuts on all kinds of hardwood materials.

Also contributing to its ability to make accurate cuts is the bevel adjustments and easily readable bevel scale that can be viewed from both sides. This allows for advanced precision and accuracy in cuts thereby giving your work done a neater look.


Makita LS1040 Compound Miter Saw

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Powerful; Compound


  • Has a durable quality
  • A powerful motor
  • Highly mobile
  • Quite easy to operate
  • Relatively affordable
  • Compact design


  • Not ideal for wider cuts

Putting the performance of this saw into consideration, you are sure to have a high performing compound miter saw. Contributing to its high-end performance is the its great ripping ability.

This saw has the capability to cut through various kinds of hardwood materials. This is down to certain features which includes the presence of a high quality blade.

Despite its relatively cheap price and mobile design, this saw possesses a highly durable 10-inch carbide tipped blade that is capable of making amazing cuts with precision and sharpness and without fear of wearing off.

Also contributing to its efficient performance is the presence of a powerful 15 amp motor that powers the blade. This motor is way more powerful than most found in other high-priced saws. This driving motor when assisted by its 4,600 RPM no-load speed and durable blade, gives you a saw able to overcome any woodwork task it is involved in.

This feat is also achieved without any form of stress or hassle. This deduces a smooth and noiseless running operation whilst working.

With only one bevel present, this saw is only able to slant to the left side but this does not hinder it from delivering precise cuts.

Another impressive feature of this saw is its dust collection mechanism. This is because it is able to collect about 75% of all the dust that is produced whilst making cuts. This is because a dust bag is provided which is fitted to the dust collection port. In turn, this channels the dust generated into the dust bag, leaving you with a more conducive and neat working environment.


Bosch GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Glide Miter Saw

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Adjustable; High-precision


  • A compact axial-glide system
  • Very little noise
  • A powerful ripping motor
  • A compact design that saves space
  • High quality blade
  • Good dust collection mechanism
  • Great warranty deal
  • Presence of double bevel


  • Considered expensive by some users
  • Quite heavyweight and difficult to move about

This Bosch glide miter saw comes with a good cutting power. This is down to the presence of its powerful 15 amp motor that makes the ripping process quite easy. Ease of cutting is a major factor to consider in the woodworking processes.

This feature is supported by its no-load speed of 3,800 RPM. These features combine to give you an easier use of the saw thereby making you more productive.

Also, it promotes accuracy in cuts. It is able to rip through large wood materials with a high degree of accuracy no matter the angle. This is brought about by its highly accurate miter that is easily adjustable in order to ensure precise cutting angles.

The presence of an easily accessible push button also enables for making multiple accurate angled cuts.

Its axial-glide system is present for easy rail movement. This enhances easy sliding of the saw, thereby promoting an easier use of the saw. This feature promotes the efficiency of the saw as putting it to use saves you a lot of stress as you have a better control of your saw whilst working.

It is also important to note that this glide miter saw has an ambidextrous design. This feature allows for left-handed users to also make use of it with as much ease as the right-handed folks. This is majorly down to its improved dual bevel with angles that allows for tilting of the saw in both directions enabling such left-handed individuals to make angled cuts easily.


Oshlun LG-M01 Miter Saw Laser Guide

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Thinner Design; Accurate Laser Line


  • A compact and lightweight design
  • An affordable price tag
  • Improves the accuracy of you cuts
  • A highly efficient performance
  • A long arbor for easy installation

This miter and portable saw laser guide features a high precision tool that improves the accuracy off you cuts enabling for a neater work done. This feature is also enhanced by reason of its newly improved and brighter laser pointer with a higher degree of accuracy. This enables for straight precise cuts and thereby improving your work speed. This enables you more productivity.

Again, this miter and portable laser saw guide is specially designed to be thin so it can fit in with more saws. The thin design gives it a wider range of use. This in turn means that it can fit with a wide variety of saws which is a great advantage.

Even in situations when your saw is not of the same brand, this sleek design pattern enables you to fit this laser guide with your saw. More so, there is an arbor recess present on this laser guide.

This is the key attachment feature of this laser guide. This is placed on your saw arbor and rotated a little. This enables the laser guide to get in position with the arbor shaft, leaving you to just tighten it up properly.


Hitachi C10FCG Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Single Bevel; Better Material Support


  • Provides great comfort during use
  • Highly portable lightweight
  • Ability to make precise cuts
  • Easily changed blade
  • Highly affordable
  • A good service warranty
  • Powerful cutting ability
  • Highly durable


  • Dust collection port is not the most effective

The most fun feature of this saw is its highly portable lightweight. With a weight of 24.2lbs, this Hitachi miter saw enables you the ease of movement of the saw from one place to another.

The presence of a handle grip also frees up your bevel adjustment. This enables you make precise and accurate cuts. In all you get to do your work with tons of ease and in turn making you highly productive. It can also function effectively in situations involving large hardwood as well as minor uses too.

The presence of a powerful 15-amp motor is what makes this miter saw quite ideal. Evidently, the motor capacity of a saw has a lot say in the saw’s ability to rip through various kinds of materials.

The motor possessed by this saw has enough power to rip through all kinds of wood. Again ease of use is promoted with this ability as you don’t have to waste a lot of time ripping through wood.

This flexible design helps you in completing projects with greater ease. The bevel adjustments also promote precision in cuts. The presence of thumb triggered adjustment stops makes adjustments pretty easy. This is also made of steel which promotes the general durability of the saw.

This saw also brings you the feature of a large working area. This is brought about by the presence of a large table surface that helps in supporting materials. The vice clamping system contributes to this as it plays the part of holding the wood piece in a firm position to avoid mistaken cuts.


DEWALT DWS780 Double Bevel Miter Saw

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Precise Miter System; Durable


  • Highly affordable
  • Enables blade locking for making beveled cuts
  • Highly durable
  • A good warranty deal
  • Presence of a sliding system
  • Promotes highly accurate cuts
  • A good dust collection system


  • Could require a little manual adjustment
  • The slides could get sticky

In the case of the performance of this saw, it is provided with several features that promotes its ease of use. One of these features is the double bevel design. This portrays an oversize scale that allows for easy adjustments.

This allows the saw to bevel at 0-48 degrees in both directions with positive stops at various points. This feature enables for a stress free operation of this compound miter saw.

Adding to the easy use of this miter saw is the miter. This saw miters to a point of about 60 degrees to the right and 50 to the left side. Also is the presence of a cam miter lock that enables you to lock angles between detents.

More so, this saw possesses a relatively lightweight of about 56lbs. This enhances its portability as it can be moved around with ease from one point to another on your jobsite or workshop as the need may be. It also has a compact design for easy storage without occupying a lot of space in your workshop.

Furthermore, this compound miter saw provides you with high cutting precision during woodwork jobs. This is brought about by the presence of its XPS crosscut alignment system with an upgraded high-end extremely bright LED light.

This serves in place of laser-guided tech as the bright LED light casts a cut line shadow that indicates the exact place the saw will cut. This helps you in making precise and highly accurate cuts thereby improving the neatness of your work.


DEWALT DW715 Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Best Rated Miter Saw 2019

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Stainless Steel; Compound Tool


  • A powerful 15-amp motor that rips through materials easily
  • A 4000 RPM no-load speed
  • Highly portable and mobile
  • An increased bevel capacity
  • Ability to make accurate/precise cuts
  • A steel miter detent
  • Highly durable


  • Fences are not always in alignment
  • Poor adaption features

This miter saw brought to you by DEWALT has one of the most pronounced designs in the world of power tools. This gives you the advantage to master the use of the saw, even if it is your first time using one, within a short period of time. A user manual is also made available for you to refer to in the case of any confusion.

It also offers lightweight portability.

It comes in a really handy situations where you have to move your saw regularly while working, be it at your jobsite or workshop. Its 42 pound lightweight enables for ease of mobility. It also has a compact design which enables it to be stored away after use to avoid tampering.

In the case of its cutting ability, the presence of a powerful 15-amp motor in collaboration with a 4000 RPM no-load speed enables for easy ripping of different kinds of hardwood materials with great efficiency and speed, thereby increasing your work rate.

There is also a provided interlocking trigger which hinders the blade from turning on without your consent and causing you damage or even creating undesired cuts.

Another important aspect is its dust collection mechanism. This saw has been provided with a dust bag for collection of debris materials. This dust bag is not the biggest or most efficient but it is able to collect large amount of material.

This provides you quite enough convenience and you won’t have to worry about waste materials interrupting your ripping process. This also means that you have to empty out the dust bag from time to time.


Bottom Line

Now you have been presented with an insightful miter saw buyers guide, it is assumed you won’t have a problem in choosing the right miter saw for your specific need. You can now see that there are several miter saw types and from different models and this makes it quite challenging to find the right miter saw for purchase.

If you follow the guidelines set before you in this buyers guide, it is guaranteed that you won’t have any difficulty in choosing the right miter saw for your use.

By the way, if you have more questions and concerns about these power tools, feel free to comment it below. We would also be glad to hear some of your personal experience on these power tools.


Best Regards,

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