DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw Review

DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw Review

We have all heard about DeWalt and its excellent tools for both professional and household use. In this particular review, we decided to present you DeWalt DCS391B circular saw that would provide peace of mind when it comes to household applications and projects.

It is one of the best choices on the market that we can easily compare with Black & Decker and Skilsaw models. When it comes to the ratio between weight, speed rate, and price tag, you will get a fantastic solution. It is entirely lightweight; it doesn’t feature any cords, and you can find it at an affordable price tag.

Let’s see what DeWalt DCS391B circular saw has to offer.

Product Overview

Product: DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Powerful; Comfort Grip

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10



  • Size – The great thing about this particular circular saw is that you can use it with ease due to its compact size. Its dimensions are 8.5 x 15.5 x 10.5 inches so you can enjoy all the way and work without breaking a sweat.
  • Weight – We have mentioned above that you’ll get lightweight circular saw where weight won’t compromise the overall performance. According to the manufacturer it weighs only 7.1 pounds so you can work without muscle strains and other problems that could happen along the way.
  • Battery-Type – The significant advantage of DeWalt circular saw is that you can use it without power outlets and frustrating cords due to its battery-powered nature. It works on Lithium-ion batteries, which will increase the mobility and maneuverability when compared with other, corded saws on the market.

DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw Review

  • Blade Size – It uses 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade so that you can cut two times material at 45-degrees and 90-degrees. This will allow you to make more cuts per charge when compared with other cordless circular saws.
  • RPM It uses a powerful 460 MWO engine that can reach up to 5150 RPM so that you can cut through thickest materials with ease.
  • Package – You will get a bare tool within the box as well as a tipped-carbide blade for additional convenience. However, it lacks a Lithium-ion battery, which means that you have to make an extra purchase.
  • Warranty – DeWalt will always offer you the same warranty deal for its power tools. It comes with a three-year limited warranty that will allow you to repair the device in case of damage. On the other hand, it also comes with one-year free service and 90-day refund in fact that you don’t like how it functions.



The first thing that we want to mention when it comes to DeWalt DCS391B circular saw is that you will get a lightweight tool that will provide you the immersive amount of power. It is a great solution when compared with bulkier tools because you will be able to use it for an entire day without any additional problem.

It also comes with an electric brake for additional safety, which is a great feature that you will need only in harsh situations.

You probably know that circular saws contain lots of risks for injury, which is why it is essential to find the one with excellent safety features. Electronic brake will stop the action of the blade in a few seconds after you press the trigger.

DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw Review

Durable construction is another advantage because it comes with pro-contractor standards. It features ball bearing lower guard that will increase durability, and high-end stamped aluminum shoe so that you can enjoy quality cuts. It also includes a dust blower system that will provide you a fantastic sightline for reductions.

It is simple to adjust the blade and to keep it at 90-degrees. And due to added mobility, you will be able to use it wherever you want until you have battery juice.

You will get bevel cut abilities that will allow you to lock it on 45 and 90-degrees.



When we compare it with other circular saws on the market, you will have to pay slightly more, but you will get a fantastic brand that will provide you with exceptional performance. It features high-end characteristics that will make your job easier, safer and more durable when compared with other tools on the market.

You can find it as a bare tool for less than $130, which is excellent but still slightly more than other brands. However, you will have to make additional expense by purchasing Lithium-ion battery that will power it up.

When it comes to warranty deal, DeWalt has excellent options for both amateur and professional users. Due to a three-year limited warranty, you can quickly repair or change the tool from three years after purchase.

It also comes with one-year free service and 90 days refund guarantee so that you can rest assured all the way.

DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw Review


Helpful Tips

Choose Right Blade

Using cordless circular saws requires prior investigation, so that you can find an appropriate way to use it. Therefore, we recommend you to recheck this particular review and talk with someone who has the previous experience in working with circular saws.

The main thing that you should consider is the blade size that you have to use for various materials. We all know that materials vary when it comes to thickness, which is why you should use the appropriate blade to cut through it like through butter.


Bottom Line

Overall, DeWalt DSC391B circular saw is one of the best choices on the market when it comes to high-end tools. It is a highly recommended choice for hobbyists and DIY users. It is mobile due to cordless nature, and you will get lightweight, ergonomic and powerful circular saw that will stand the test of time.

On the other hand, you will have to purchase a battery as the additional expanse, which is one of the most significant disadvantages. But still, you will get a convenient tool that will provide you peace of mind.

If you had the experience with this particular circular saw, feel free to tell us all about it in the comment section below.


  • Durable construction and design
  • Great Warranty deal
  • Additional mobility due to cordless nature
  • Electric brake for safety
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Sole is not rigid enough
  • Expensive price tag


Product Summary

Product: DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Powerful; Comfort Grip

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10


Click here if you want to learn more about DEWALT DCS391B Circular Saw.

If you have more questions and concerns about this power tool, feel free to comment it below.

We would also be glad to hear some of your experiences about the quality and performance of this product.

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