EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander Review: Effective Power Tool

EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander Review

Electronix Express is a company with years of experience in crafting a lot more than just power tools. With such a broad array of equipment and devices they construct, you might be concerned that their lack of singular focus on power tools means they aren’t of the same quality as some of their competitors. However, this is just not the case.

This Mini 1 x 30 belt sander from Electronix Express is just as qualified a tool as any of the competition out there. Affordable for its class, powerful for its size, and equipped with helpful and convenient features, you can rest easy knowing that this investment will get you a tool that is worthy of its price tag. It isn’t the absolute most spectacular belt sander available, but it is a good one that meets the expectations of an average tool.


Product Overview

Product: EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Corded; Effective

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10




At 14.5 x 10 x 10 inches, this belt sander is quite large. Of course, it is not intended for handheld use, so this poses little problem. On the other hand, its large size still means it takes more space and is slightly more trouble to move around.


Weighing barely more than a pound, this belt sander is one of the lightest ones on the market. Clearly, being light has many benefits, though since this is a table mounted belt sander, it doesn’t matter quite as much. Even so, the extremely light weight of this tool shouldn’t be ignored in regards to its good features.

EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander Review

Power Type

This belt sander is a corded electric model that does not use batteries. Being corded means mobility is limited to the nearest outlet, though this is a very niche issue that shouldn’t affect most tasks. There are more benefits anyway, since having a cord means you don’t have to spend extra money on batteries or chargers, and the belt sander will be able to operate so long as you have electricity.


Purchase of this Electronix Expess belt sander includes only the bare tool. Any type of sanding belt that you would like must be purchased separately, somewhat increasing the total cost of the purchase. That said, belts are rather cheap and this doesn’t offset the affordable price of this belt sander by much.


EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander Review



This 1 x 30 belt sander from Electronix Express is not a tool that will match the ability of a two hundred dollar belt sander. Like all products, you get what you pay for. Considering that this is a lighter duty table mounted belt sander, it definitely isn’t suited for extremely large or difficult tasks.

However, it is perfectly capable of handling most work within its own class. It has a reasonable durability and construction for a tool of its price tag, and it can use many different types of belts and being corded means it can run almost indefinitely. There’s no denying that it isn’t a professional grade, top of the line belt sander. But it’s exactly worth as much as you pay for it.


EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander Review



At a price of less than $65, this table mounted Electronix Express belt sander is an affordable member of its class.

It’s not really on the cheaper or more expensive end for belt sanders in this class range, so much as it is average. However, as stated previously the purchase of this tool does not include any belts, so that cost is essentially added on as well. On the other hand, being corded means you’ll never have to waste money on costly batteries or battery chargers, which is a definite advantage.


Helpful Tips

Naturally, modern power tools aim to be as safe for their user as they possibly can. However, as with any automated machine, they can still be very dangerous if you are not careful. It is advised that you always read the user manual and safety guides prior to use, if any are available.

And of course, you should always be outfitted with proper safety gear, particularly goggles, though gloves are advisable as well.


Bottom Line

This 1 x 30 Mini table mounted belt sander from Electronix Express is a great choice for a handyman on a budget. Granted, a price of less than $65isn’t exactly cheap, but it is about what you can expect of any belt sander of the same class as this particular one. That said, don’t expect it to perform like a belt sander you would pay $200.00 for. It’s not exactly professional grade, but neither is it a piece of junk. The word ‘average’ is usually taken to mean that something is bad, but in reality it just means this belt sander is about what you would expect for its price tag.

It has decent power, can use multiple belt types, and is a manageable size with extremely low weight. It’s more than enough to take care of the type of middleweight jobs you would expect of a sander this size and price. Don’t expect it to be the best belt sander you could ever possibly own, but it is certainly a tool you can expect to meet your expectations.


  • Affordable price of $62.50, very reasonable for its class
  • Is one of the lightest belt sanders of its class
  • Corded electric power means the belt sander can run essentially indefinitely


  • Belts need to be a rather specific length to use with tool
  • Purchase of the tool does not include any sanding belts


Product Summary

 Product: EX Electronix Express Mini 1 x 30 Belt Sander

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Corded; Lightweight

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


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