Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor Review: Easy to Use

 Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor Review

Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes. The heavy duty kind are generally quite hefty, and for that reason a lot of people look into portable alternatives. Of course, when you’re buying something small, you generally want a good balance of affordability and efficiency. You look for a company you can trust that provides both, and Excell is one such company.

With a brand that dates back to 1996, Excell provides all sorts of powerful and portable tools, and pancake air compressors are among them.

Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor is a solid and dependable portable air compressor from Excell that provides reliable power that you can easily carry around, and at an affordable price.

Product Overview

Product: Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Low Voltage Start Up

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10



With dimensions of 17.9 x 17.3 x 21.7 inches, the U25 is a bit on the larger size for portable air compressors, but that size doesn’t necessarily translate into a massive increase in weight. It is a bit larger than a lot of the competition, but that generally translates into more survivability and power.


At thirty nine pounds, the U25 is admittedly heavier than most of its competitive counterparts.

The majority of portable air compressors weigh about thirty pounds, so the U25 does have some weight up on them. Whether or not nine pounds is a deal breaker comes down to the individual.

Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor Review

Power Type and Capacity

The U25 is a corded electric power tool that does not require batteries. It has a maximum PSI of 150, and has a six gallon capacity. It has a low voltage startup threshold of 64v and uses 7.5 Amps. It also has 2.8 SCFM at 90 PSI.


The Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor is not all that different in performance compared to its name brand competition. It has the same max PSI, and a very similar gallon capacity. Like the competition, it is able to start up without much power and it is still able to function well in cold weather environments.

On the other hand, it weighs a bit more than its competition, so you are not actually getting much of anything special in exchange for that extra weight.

Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor Review

Special Features

Has an oil free universal maintenance pump and motor, so the tool’s overall lifetime is longer. The control panel for the air compressor is also intuitively located in an easily accessible spot so you don’t have to struggle to operate it during use.

The fragile parts of the tool are protected by the outer casing, and the heavy duty handle ensures that you’ll have a tight grip at all times.


This is one of the best points of the U25. At approximately $100.00, the U25 is one of the cheapest portable air compressors available.

Considering that the average cost for a name brand portable air compressor is around $150.00, this is quite an affordable option. That said, the U25 isn’t all that special in and of itself; there’s nothing that it offers that any other name brand option doesn’t.

But if affordability is your primary concern, you won’t find too much better than the U25.

Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor Review

Helpful Tips

Most power tools are designed with safety in mind, but they all still bear inherent risks. Always read the user or operating manual prior to operating your tool. Furthermore, be aware that obstructions to a compressors airflow can be especially hazardous and should be avoided.

Always store your tools in a safe location that cannot be accessed by children. Know all of the specifications of your tool prior to use, and do not store it in high temperature areas. If the situation calls for it, always be sure to wear the proper safety gear in order to protect yourself from permanent harm.

Bottom Line

Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor is admittedly nothing special. It doesn’t have any particularly distinguishing features compared to all of its competition. It can operate effectively in cold weather and has a low voltage startup requirement, but nearly every portable compressor has this.

On top of that, the U25 weighs almost ten pounds more than the average portable air compressor, which is a big mark against its most important feature, that being portability. What this ultimately means is that the U25 is just average; it has doesn’t have very many strengths or weaknesses.

However, one of the few things it does have that most of the competition does not it excellent affordability. At around a hundred dollars, the U25 is one of the most affordable name brand air compressors available.

It is several dozen dollars cheaper than the average. In short, if your primary concern is pricing, the U25 is an excellent option that will provide all the same functions as the competition but at a more affordable cost.


  • Is extremely affordable at approximately a hundred dollars, roughly thirty percent cheaper than the norm
  • Keeps the most vulnerable components of the compressor well protected, ensuring a longer operational lifespan.
  • Control panel is located in an intuitive position that makes it easy to access during operation
  • Is able to start in cold weather conditions, and doesn’t need a lot of power to do so
  • Oil free pump system ensures a longer operation lifetime, and results in a less need for regular maintenance


  • Is heavier than most of the competition by a solid nine pounds, making it around thirty percent heavier than the norm
  • Does not come equipped with any noteworthy special features, performing only as well as the average air compressor

Product Summary

Product: Excell U256PPE Pancake Air Compressor

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Low Voltage Start Up

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

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