JET AP-0 1/2 Ton Arbor Press Review: Provides Accurate Support

JET AP-0 1/2 Ton Arbor Press Review

If you are in need of a solid arbor press to complete your workshop arsenal, look no further than the JET AP-0 ½ ton arbor press. A reliable and powerful tool like this is needed in situations where more force than you can apply is called for.

And in those situations, there’s nothing quite like a press that can take on any job with relative ease. Affordable and durable, the Jet AP-0 will serve you well and then some when you put your faith in it.

Product Overview

Product: JET AP-0 1/2 Ton Arbor Press

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Accurate Operation

My Rating: 8.8 out of 10




JET AP-0 Arbor Press is a half-ton press.

This is not the most powerful a table mounted press could be, but if this is all the force you really need, there is no point in spending more money on a one ton press that is just more than is necessary. 


Made of heavy ductile iron casting, the Jet AP-0 is durable, yet not especially heavy. Being a half ton press, it is smaller than other heavy duty presses, and therefore lighter as well.

Weighing in at about nineteen pounds, carrying this press around if you have to is easy enough, and it won’t take much space on your bench either.

JET AP-0 1/2 Ton Arbor Press Review

Tool Specifics

As mentioned previously, this is a half ton iron casting press. Its diameter of work is 6-5/8 inches, the capacity over table is 4-3/4 inches, the ram bore is 3/8 inches, and its height is 10.9 inches.

It has a four position bottom plate, and every part of the press has been precision machined for the best accuracy.


Special Features

Considering that a press of any size is a pretty simple and straightforward tool, there isn’t much to discuss in the way of special features when it comes to the AP-0.

This isn’t to say that it is lacking, since almost every press has little to boast about in this department. There’s simply nothing to say other than the fact that it is well made and can do what it was designed to.



Performance, when it comes to a press, is a simple question to answer. JET AP-0 Arbor Press is capable of exerting half a ton of force, as advertised.

It is tough and durable, and with few complicated moving parts, almost impossible to break. In the end, presses are simple machines that only have one criteria to meet, and it is whether or not it they can do their job. The AP-0 most certainly can.


Package and Warranty

An item’s package includes everything that comes with your purchase of it. The package for this product is just the press, with no extra accessories.

The warranty on the other hand is more notable, being a significant two year warranty. Most warranties when it comes to tools are rarely longer than a year, so this is worth counting as a benefit when comparing the press to others on the market.

Not that it is easy to seriously damage a press, but at least there is a way to have it taken care of for up to two years if something does happen.



JET AP-0 Arbor Press costs approximately $90.00. This is a bit cheaper than the norm, but only by about ten dollars or so.

It’s not an astoundingly cheap price, but neither is it a bad one. It is definitely worth keeping in mind that the price is lower than most, especially when you consider that the aforementioned two year warranty is a part of it as well, with the latter being a better than usual offer compared to what you usually find.


Safety Tips

While you don’t have to do this in order to use your press, it is highly recommended that you properly secure any press you use to your workbench for much needed stability.

The amount of force being used in these situations means accidental slips or mishaps could be very dangerous, so the extra security is always advised.


Bottom Line

There’s not much to say that discredits JET AP-0 Arbor Press. After all, being a simple and straightforward tool, there’s very little wrong about it. Perhaps it isn’t as powerful as some other presses, but then again, you wouldn’t be looking at a ½ ton press if it wasn’t good enough to suit your needs.

It is made of durable material and has an excellent warranty, so it is guaranteed to last a nice long time even if you aren’t all that careful with it.

The only real drawback may be that it doesn’t come with anything extra, like different ram heads or accessories, but those can usually be purchased for relatively cheap regardless.

And of course, the AP-0 is relatively cheap itself, at around ninety dollars. This isn’t a steal or anything, but is certainly better than some of the other prices out there. In the end, the AP-0 is just a solid ½ ton press with a good warranty and a good price.


  • It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry around when you need to move from place to place
  • Comes with a great warranty of two years, which is longer than most other tools
  • Durable iron constructions gives it unparalleled durability and resilience, making it almost invulnerable
  • Price is cheaper than most by a little bit, so you do get to save some money during your purchase


  • Nothing truly special about it, so nothing sets it apart from any other press out there

Product Summary

Product: JET AP-0 1/2 Ton Arbor Press

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Accurate Operation

My Rating: 8.8 out of 10

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