Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw Review: Easy Blade Changes


Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw ReviewMilwaukee is a powered tool brand that delivers you with high-quality powered saws capable of accomplishing various cutting tasks. This is why you won’t have much to worry about when it comes to choosing a powered saw from a quality brand for use.

It is vital to note that the powered tools manufactured by this brand are highly durable with a compact and lightweight design. Milwaukee’s rise to prominence is greatly influenced by millions of buyers of their products from across the globe.

When it comes to the Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Reciprocating saw, you are able to get a compact, lightweight and highly durable saw. It is capable of delivering powerful and versatile cuts even in tight spaces during your remodeling, plumbing or electrical jobs.

With this Milwaukee reciprocating saw at your disposal, you would be able to achieve whatever cutting goals you wish and with great ease. This is because this saw delivers top-shelf performances as expected from a high-end reciprocating saw.


Product Overview

Product: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Built-in LED Light

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10


Features / Specifications

  • 1.4Ah battery amp
  • 0-3,000 SPM
  • ½ inch stroke length
  • 12V voltage
  • Tool free Quik-Lok blade clamp
  • Li-Ion battery type
  • LED light
  • A variable speed trigger
  • Metal gear case
  • A dimension of 10 x 8 x 4.5 inches
  • A portable 2.65 pounds weight
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • A user manual
  • A 5 year limited warranty
  • Cordless power source



This Milwaukee 12-volt Hackzall reciprocating saw delivers a high-end performance for a saw of its value. One feature that promotes the efficient performance of this reciprocating saw is its variable speed trigger that enables you a higher degree of control over your cuts and the saw in general.

This is such that the cutting speed of this reciprocating saw can be regulated to correspond with the task at hand. This deduces that the speed can be reduced when you are working on a soft material like a PVC pipe.

But in situations where you have more dense materials like metals, the speed can also be increased for a faster and more efficient cut.

The tool free Quik-Lok blade clamp is another performance promoting feature of this Milwaukee reciprocating saw. This feature enables for an easy blade changing process within a very short period of time and without the use of any external tool.

This is such that the only process involved is that you have to remove the old blade and replace it with another one. This process takes only about a minute. This saves you a lot of time thereby increasing your work rate and productivity.

Also, in order to increase your convenient use of this Milwaukee reciprocating saw, there is the presence of a LED light that acts to illuminate your work.

This ideally thoughtful feature of this reciprocating saw saves you the stress and cost of having to purchase a lighting device that you can use whilst working. More so, this eliminates the problem of having to hold a torch whilst working with this saw as this is a very stressful, inconvenient and energy consuming process.

The fact that this Milwaukee 2420 20 12-volt Hackzall reciprocating saw can function with both Hackzall and Sawzall blade types makes it quite unique.

This unique feature functions to save you time wasted on having to find a specific blade type. With a wide range of Hackzall and Sawzall blade types available on the market, you can choose easily, the best fitting blade for the cutting task you have at hand as the need may be.

Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw Review

The battery and charger for this Milwaukee reciprocating saw (though sold separately) help in promoting a prolonged use-time of this saw. This battery type is able to function for a long period of time without dematerializing or weakening. This battery also boosts the motor power of this saw.

Also, the charger is able to power up the battery in a short period of about 30 minutes. This helps in saving you a lot of time as you are able to get back to your work without much time wasted.

Furthermore, with the help of this saw, you will be able to complete all your tasks with ease and without getting tired of holding onto the saw. This is down to the compact and lightweight design of this reciprocating saw.

That being said, there is also the presence of a snuggly handle which allows you a solid and confident clutch of the saw. Also, this handle is padded with shock absorbing materials which function to reduce the amount of vibrations that could arise whilst the saw is in use. This promotes an energy saving use of this reciprocating saw.



This Milwaukee Hackzall reciprocating saw is relatively easy to afford as it sells online at a price of less than $70.

That notwithstanding, it could sell for cheaper on various other online retail stores. This price tag covers only the bare tool with no battery and charger. For this reason, you would do well to make plans to purchase the battery and charger for this saw as it won’t cost you much.

With a 5 year limited warranty, this Milwaukee Hackzall reciprocating saw has the longest warranty deal you will come across. With a warranty deal that could last for so long, you can be rest assured when purchasing this reciprocating saw.


Helpful Tips

The use of gloves and protective eye wears is ideal when making use of this saw or any powered tool.

This is because the eye wear for example protects you from debris materials that could get into your eyes and cause you severe damage. Also, a good read of the provided user manual is encouraged before putting this saw to use.


Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Milwaukee (2420 20) M12 12-Volt Hackzall Reciprocating saw is most likely the most ideal solution to all your household and DIY projects. This is down to the top-shelf performance and durability of this saw both of which promotes an easy ripping experience for you.

This reciprocating saw is enough reason to show why the Milwaukee remains a top and highly recognized brand in the world of powered tools.


  • A metal gear case which increases its durability
  • Comes with a battery fuel gauge
  • LED lights help your brighten your work


  • Blade gets loose easily when left uncared
  • Comes without a battery and charger on purchase


Product Summary

Product: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Reciprocating Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Built-in LED Light

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10


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