PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw Review: Cordless Power Tool

PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw Review

Porter-Cable is a company that has been producing extremely well-made power tools for years, allowing both the professional worker and the casual handyman to tackle tough jobs with ease.

The PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw is a combination of strength, resilience, and effectiveness that sets it apart from the competition at a realistic price. If you require a tool that can complete the job without an extremely heavy investment on your part, the PCC650B is a great choice for you.

Product Overview

Product: PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Dust Blower

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10



With dimensions of 12.2 x 3.8 x 10 inches, the PCC650B is a relatively average size, and by extension, has very few performance impacts to consider because of it. It is light, compact, easy to use and carry, and rather simple to store.

The size has nothing but mild benefits, and effectively no cons worth noting, other than the fact that a larger tool would possess more power, if that was what you required of it.


At approximately five pounds, the PCC650B is about the average weight for a tool of this size.

Most tools in this class weight around five pounds, so the ease of use and lack of fatigue over time is a definite benefit, but one you could expect from just about any power tool of the same size and class as this one.

PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw Review

Power Type

The PCC650B is a 20 volt battery powered tool, which is rare since most power tools are corded.

Having a battery instead of a cord has some benefits, such as increased portability, versatility, and convenience, but you should note that batteries cost more whether they are single use or rechargeable, and this makes the lifetime cost of the tool significantly higher than the price tag you see when initially purchasing it.

Special Features

The PCC650B has some special features that make it a more effective and efficient tool.

It has three orbital settings for cutting through different types of materials, the ability to change its blades without the use of external or additional tools, variable speed control so you can adjust the operation speed of the tool during use, and a dust blower that keeps the work area clean and helps keep a clear view of the work zone for you during operation.

PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw Review



Purchase of the PCC650B comes with just the bare tool.

This is important to keep in mind, since it means you will have to purchase blades and batteries or battery chargers separately, and that will add on to the total cost of the tool itself.


The PCC650B has a three year limited warranty, which is quite extensive at nearly three times the length of most power tool warranties on the market.

However it does not have a money back guarantee like some tools do, but those are generally quite rare anyway.


The PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw is only a hand-sized jigsaw, so it isn’t the most powerful option available.

However, if this level of power is all you need, this jigsaw will serve you quite well, especially if you are looking for a tool that is very portable and easy to use on the go, thanks to the fact that it is battery powered.

If you need a tool for the great outdoors or the open road, this one will serve you very well.


The cost of the PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw is sixty dollars. This price is just a little lower than the average for most jigsaws of this size, so it is a good deal.

However, as mentioned previously, this cost doesn’t take into consideration the cost of buying extra blades or batteries and battery chargers. Ultimately the cost could still be higher than another jigsaw of the same class that is more expensive but also corded.

Helpful Tips

All power tools these days are made with utmost safety in mind, but they still have the potential to be dangerous.

You should always read the user manual before operating a power tool, and be sure to wear the proper safety equipment as well, regardless of the situation.

PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw Review

Bottom Line

The PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw is an average size, and that size comes with the benefit of relatively light weight and the disadvantage of a bit less power.

But if 20 volts is enough for the types of jobs you have in mind, the PCC650B is a great buy at around sixty dollars.

It has a more extensive warranty than a lot of other tools do, but the lower price might ultimately end up being more than you think since you would also need to buy blades, batteries, battery chargers, and maybe even a case.

If you really need portability, this tool is a good choice, but if want a jigsaw for use at home where outlets are available, another choice might suit your needs better.


  • Because it is battery powered, it can be used in unorthodox places, such as outdoors or on the road
  • It has a fair number of special features for a relatively light, small, and affordable jigsaw
  • Is very versatile, and has a longer warranty than most other power tools provide


  • Doesn’t come with a case, blades, or batteries, so the total cost of the tool will be higher than the sixty dollars of the tool itself
  • A battery powered tool can only run as long as the battery has power, and will be useless if your battery dies or you simply haven’t charged another one yet

Product Summary

Product: PORTER CABLE PCC650B Jigsaw

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Dust Blower

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10

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