PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw Review: High Performance Power Tool


PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw ReviewPorter-Cable is a brand popularly noted for manufacturing high-class powered tools capable of delivering top-shelf performances and possessing great durability. With the amazing performance of the products made by Porter Cable brand, it is no surprise that they have an enormous demand for their products by users across the globe.

In here, we bring you the Porter-Cable PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw review. This reciprocating saw features a lightweight and compact answer to effective completion of all your ripping jobs. By making use of this tool, you are certain to round up perfectly all the needs that could arise from your cutting jobs.


Product Overview

Product: PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Variable Speed Trigger; Lightweight

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10


Features / Specifications

  • A tool free blade clamp
  • 1 inch stroke length
  • 20V voltage
  • 0-3,000 SPM
  • A Li-Ion battery type
  • A portable 4 pound weight
  • A dimension of about 16.2 x 3.5 x 7.6 inches
  • A variable speed trigger
  • A pivoting shoe
  • A contoured handle

PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw Review


The first important feature of this reciprocating saw to be pointed out is its tool free blade change. This feature enables you the comfort of being able to switch blade without the use of any special tool.

All that is involved in this process is that you have to wrench and fit the blade into the provided pivoting shoe. This pivoting shoe functions to clamp or hold the blade firmly in place whilst you are making your cut. This feature in turn saves you a great deal of time thereby increasing your work rate.

Also, it possesses an extensively lightweight that enables for easy portability from one point to another during work.

Additionally, it has a compact design that enables it cut in tight spaces unlike many other reciprocating saws. In situations where you have an extensive work that would require a long period of time to complete, the lightweight and compact design of this reciprocating saw enables you to undertake your work without getting tired of holding onto the saw.

When it comes to the issue of its ripping ability, this saw also does a great job in getting through tough materials. This ability is down to the presence of its powerful motor. This Porter-Cable PCC670B reciprocating saw possesses a motor capable of producing a blade speed of about 3,000 SPM (strokes per minute).

This blade speed is regulated by the variable speed trigger. This trigger acts to adjust the blade speed to a much slower rate when you have to rip through a soft material or to a high rate when tough materials are involved.

Furthermore, this Porter-Cable PCC670B reciprocating saw also comes with a 20 volt max Li-Ion battery which supports its performance. The presence of this 20V Li-Ion battery enables for longer use time of this saw.

This battery also functions to power the motor which in turn promotes your cutting accuracy. In order to maintain your battery life, a charger has been made provided for charging up the battery when it runs low. This provided charger also enable you monitor the voltage, current, and temperature of your batter whilst charging.

PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw Review

It also features certain vital safety features that give you a degree of protection. An example is the actuating button that is made of steel. The steel make of this button gives it a firm feel as it is also covered with rubber. This makes them quite hard to push.

This in turn puts a stop to any form of accidental pushing of the button whilst still making use of the saw.

It is manufactured with high quality construction materials that promote an increased durability of the saw. Certain parts of this tool like the motor housing are made of metal. This in turn guides the motor against debris materials coming from the saw whilst making cuts and also from dust.

This reciprocating saw also possesses a highly portable lightweight with a comfortable handle to enhance the efficiency and ease of use of this saw.

PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw Review


This price tag for this Porter–Cable PCC670B reciprocating saw is not one to worry about at all. This is because it sells at a considerable cheap price of less than $55 online. It is also important to note that this price tag covers only the bare tool with no battery included. This means you would have to make budget to purchase the separately sold battery for your reciprocating saw.

The warranty deal provided for this saw is also very handy as it gives you a degree of protection for a period of time.

With a 3 year limited warranty, you are covered in the case of any damages resulting from factory mistakes. This gives you an assurance of durability and not having to worry about making unexpected expenses.

PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw Review

Helpful Tips

Apart from the safety measures taken by the manufacturers of this saw, you are also prompted to make use of protective eye wears and gloves.

These in turn provide you with extra protection against any form of damages that could come your way. Also it has been warned that this product could expose you to harmful chemicals like lead which is known to cause cancer. You are also advised to take any protective measures you can against this.


Bottom Line

In the end, the Porter-Cable PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw is a highly efficient cutting tool that meets all your DIY, plumbing or even professional ripping tasks. It delivers a performance that is not commonly found in many other reciprocating saws.

Its versatile performance, efficiency and affordable price tag all contribute to its widespread recognition. The features and performances this reciprocating tigersaw delivers show you why the Porter-Cable brand remains one of the top prominent brands.


  • Has a powerful motor
  • Highly portable lightweight
  • Possesses a compact and durable design
  • Has a variable speed trigger
  • Comes with a quick no-tool blade change mechanism


  • Does not come with a battery
  • Not ideal for heavy duty ripping jobs


Product Summary

Product: PORTER CABLE PCC670B Reciprocating Tigersaw

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Variable Speed Trigger; Lightweight

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10


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