PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw Review: Offers More Power

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw Review


Porter-Cable is a pneumatic and power tool company that has been producing high quality tools to its many customers for over a hundred years, since 1906. With that much time to perfect their craft and establish a reputation, you know that Porter-Cable is a company that you can trust when it comes to getting your money’s worth. The same is true of the PCE345, a six amp orbital jigsaw built to last and perform to anyone’s standards.

If you’re looking for a capable jigsaw with enough power to get the job done and at an affordable price, the PCE345 is truly a great deal for both professional workers and your at-home handyman.


Product Overview

Product:  PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: More Power

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10




With a size of 9.5 x 3.2 x 8.5 inches, the PCE345 is an average size, not being unusually large or small in comparison to most of its competition. This means it is easy to carry, simple to store, and even easier to maneuver while you are working, so overall the manageable size is a great benefit.


The PCE345 has a very light weight of about six pounds. Because this weight is so low, the PCE345 is perfect for long work days where you’ll be carrying it around for an especially long time.

The light weight will help you avoid fatigue over the course of a long period of work.


PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw Review
Power Type

The PCE345 is a six amp power tool, and is corded electric. A cord means that the tool will be able to operate as long as it is plugged in, essentially indefinitely, which is a great advantage over tools that require batteries.

That said, a cord may also limit mobility somewhat and make it slightly more awkward to move the tool around your body, but ultimately you won’t have to pay as much thanks to the fact that you will never have to replace overly costly batteries or procure battery chargers for them, which are quite costly.


Special Features

The PCE345 has an array of special features that makes it easier and more effective to use. To start, it has a seven position speed dial integrated into the trigger, making it easy to adjust the operation speed pf the tool at any time.

It has four orbital settings to better optimize it when cutting a variety of different materials. Changing the blade is simple and doesn’t require any tool whatsoever, and it has a lock on functionality so that it will stay aligned during prolonged use.

In short, the PCE345 is extremely efficient, and it packs all of these features at a great price.

PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw Review


The PCE345 comes with a three year limited warranty. The majority of power tools only come with a one year warranty or no warranty at all, so this is definitely something to consider in the overall value of the tool itself.



The PCE345 is a handheld jigsaw, so naturally it is only capable of fitting a certain size motor, and that motor is a six amperage one.

It’s more than enough power if you are using the tool for the types of jobs within its capability, but it is still weaker than some larger jigsaws out there. That said, the PCE345 Is quite durable and precise to go with that power, and as stated before, comes equipped with many special features that make it even easier to use.




With a cost of approximately $60.00, the PCE345 jig saw sits comfortably in the middle of the price range for jigsaws of its class and capability.

It is not the absolute cheapest, but it is not the most expensive either. Considering the extensive array of special features, and the quite substantial warranty the tool carries as opposed to its competition, this price is very reasonable and definitely a good deal.


Helpful Tips

All of today’s power tools are designed to be as safe as they possibly can be. That said, a high powered electric saw is never really safe.

You should always read the operating manual or user manual before operation if you have them available. And of course, always equip yourself with the proper safety gear as well, such as goggles and gloves.


Bottom Line

The PCE345 jig saw, being a small handheld jigsaw, is not the most powerful jigsaw you could buy.

However, if one of this caliber is all you really need, the PCE345 will serve you quite well. It is powerful for its size, durable enough to withstand the occasional accident, and lightweight. It has many great features that allow you to adjust its speed, make precise cuts, and optimize it for cutting different materials, and on top of that the lade can be changed out without any tools.

Combine that with the very affordable price of $60.00 and the three year limited warranty, and the PCE345 is an overall fantastic deal.


  • Has a wide selection of special features, especially for its very affordable price.
  • Has a more extensive warranty than the average power tool at three years
  • Being corded means the overall price of the tool will be lower since there’s no batteries or battery chargers
  • Light weight makes the tool easy to use for long periods of time


  • Being corded could make it a little awkward to maneuver at times
  • Purchase does not include extra blades or any sort of case or bag, adding to the total cost of the tool if you need to purchase those accessories


Product Summary

Product:  PORTER-CABLE PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: More Power

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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