SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review

If you want to choose a versatile circular saw that would provide peace of mind when it comes to DIY projects, we recommend that you consider SKIL 5280-01 circular saw. It is a high-quality machine that you can purchase at an affordable price tag.

Finally, you can rest assured because you will get a reputable brand in combination with durable quality. Choosing lousy circular saw is a huge mistake, and you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to power tools.

Cheap tools cost much more in overall than expensive and high-quality ones, which is why you should consider this particular one. Let’s see what you will get with this power tool.


Product Overview

Product: SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Single Beam Laser Guide

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10



  • Size – The dimensions of this specific circular saw is compact when compared with other saws on the market. With the size of 14.2 x 9.8 x 8.5 inches, you will be able to finish any job in a matter of minutes.
  • Weight – Nine pounds in weight is enough for you to handle it with ease. Of course, we recommend you to use safety equipment because that way you will reduce the possibility of injury and tool damage.
  • Battery Type – Due to its corded nature, you won’t be able to move it around like battery-powered circular saws. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about battery juice and inconsistent power due to battery damage. You will need an appropriate power outlet, and you can use it in the workshop without any additional problem.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review

  • Blade Size – It includes 24-tooth carbide tipped blades with the size of 7-¼-inches so that you can drill through anything that you want in your household. It can reach up to 2-⅜-inches depth cut.
  • RPM – Even though you will not get a proper answer on manufacturers website when it comes to speed rate, according to various evaluations from professional personnel, it can reach up to 5300 RPM of no-load speed.
  • Package Apart from a bare circular saw, you’ll get 24-tooth carbide blade as well as wrench store in the foot and carrying bag so that you can store it with ease and without damaging the tool.
  • Warranty – You will get lousy warranty deal when compared with other manufacturers, but still the tool will stand the test of time due to durable construction and high amount of power. It comes with an only one-year warranty, which is a disadvantage that we have to mention.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review


SKIL 5280-01 circular saw is an excellent solution if you want to find an affordable circular saw that would finish any assignment around your household. Even though it is not the best one, it includes various features that will increase convenience, performance, and comfort while using.

It includes a 15-amp engine that can deliver up to 1865W of power so that you can use it on any wood. The best thing about it is that you can use with ease due to its light and compact design.

It features simple to use and versatile design, and you will notice an integrated laser, which is an excellent solution for its price. The laser will help you make more precise cuts than before. You don’t even have to calibrate the machine, because the laser will always be accurate.
SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review

The significant advantage is that you’ll get a lightweight circular saw, but with durable components. The overall weight is around 9 pounds, so you can rest assured when it comes to user fatigue and moving it around.

Due to the convenient bag that you’ll get within the package, you can enjoy in additional comfort when it comes to portability and storage.

Safety features are also important, but everything is quite handy. Of course, you won’t get impressive and high-end safety features and mechanisms, but when you have in mind the affordable price tag, you will get enough security for DIY projects.

Apart from cutting through a wide array of wood types, it comes with an integrated dust blower, which is a unique feature when compared with other circular saws within the price range. You won’t get premium performance, but it will be helpful and practical.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review



We have mentioned above that you will be able to get this particular circular saw at an affordable price tag. Of course, it won’t provide you the ability to work professional-duty jobs, but you can use it for everything around your household.

You can find it for less than $70, which is a fantastic price for its overall quality.

On the other hand, the warranty deal is not that good, especially when compared with other brands and manufacturers. With a one-year warranty, you will get some protection, but nothing more. We recommend you to use it with caution and read the user manual before you start it.

SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw Review

Helpful Tips

Use Safety Equipment

Circular saws are complicated and can cause severe issues to your eyes, due to the quick operating motion. Therefore, you should find appropriate equipment that will reduce the possibility of getting a severe injury.

Apart from safety glasses that will protect your eyes from dust and sparks, you should use gloves and earplugs because that way you can rest assured all the way.


Bottom Line

Overall, SKIL 5280-01 circular saw is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts and people who enjoy working from their homes. You will get a decent circular saw that can cut through any wood type, but you won’t be able to use it for heavy-duty assignments.

You can find it for the affordable price tag, which is one of the biggest reasons for its immersive popularity. However, low warranty deal is something that we don’t like about it, but apart from that, everything is decent.

If you have the experience of working with this particular tool, we advise you to tell us all about it in the comment section below.


  • Affordable price tag
  • Highly accurate due to laser precision beam guide
  • Simple to use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It includes integrated dust blower


  • Low warranty deal


Product Summary

Product: SKIL 5280-01 Circular Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Single Beam Laser Guide

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


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If you have more questions and concerns about this power tool, feel free to comment it below.

We would also be glad to hear some of your experiences about the quality and performance of this product.

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