SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw Review: Durable Power Tool


SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw Review


The SKIL brand is widely known as the brand that built America, due to being the provider of the first circular saw. With a legacy like that behind it, one can rest assured that all of their products are guaranteed to meet the same standard, and the SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw is no exception.

With efficiency, ease of use, and results in mind, this tool from SKIL will get any job done with little trouble. While the jobs may be tough, the intuitive design will ensure that you can tackle the problem without frustration or exhaustion. No matter how you slice it, the SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw is an excellent tool, and there are many reasons why.


Product Overview

Product: SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Counter Balance

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10




With dimensions of 20.8 x 6 x 3.8 inches, this reciprocating saw is a more than manageable size that can be stored and wielded with relative ease. Its small size means you won’t have to position your arms in any sort of awkward manner for use, and you can carrying it through tight spaces is no challenge.


With a weight of eight pounds, this tool manages to provide a less taxing alternative to many heavier power tools.

Its light weight means you can work long hours with minimal exhaustion, and you can store it right on your wall without any consequences.

SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw Review

Power Type

The tool is corded in order to continuously provide the 7.5 Amps it needs, but this means you don’t have to deal with constant battery depletion and replacement. You won’t need to invest in extra batteries or a charger station to use this saw, and the fact that it is corded means you can use it until the job itself is finished.

Blade Size

This saw comes equipped with a six inch blade designed for cutting wood, but its true value comes in the ability to utilize blades of many sizes and uses. The tool-less blade change system allows compatible blades of any length can be easily switched out with the default blade, making both wood and metal viable materials to work with.

Ease of Use

The saw comes with a counter-balance to ease the strength of vibrations, making the tool more easy to control and reducing the amount of stress on your hand.

In addition, it also comes equipped with a pivoting foot that allows for greater stability when you are cutting through particularly tough materials.

SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw Review


The product comes with the bare tool and one six inch wood cutting blade. Blades of other lengths and purposes can be bought separately, as the saw is compatible with nearly all blades.


Comes with a one-year warranty. While this is less than the standard warranty of some other tools, the rugged and simple nature of the tool, combined with SKIL’s level of quality, means you can reasonably expect to encounter very few problems as long as you use the item properly.



This reciprocating saw from SKIL is lightweight, simple, and designed to be as easy to use as possible. Its powerful motor means it can cut through most materials with ease, provided you are using the proper blade.

Blades themselves can be replaced and changed out with very little trouble, entirely without other tools. It possess a counter-balance and a pivoting foot to make stability easily manageable, and the heavy metal-housing adds a supreme level of durability and toughness to the tool.

It’s very straightforward tool, but the lack of numerous parts and complexity, combined with intuitive and rugged design, guarantees that it will perform superbly and encounter very few problems with maintenance even over long periods of time.

SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw Review 



Based on my last research, SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw costs for less than $50. This includes the bare tool and one six-inch blade.

Compared to the cost of other reciprocating saws, this is a fairly reasonable price, especially considering the longevity of a tool with a simple job. The fact that it is corded means you will not need to invest in battery packs or recharger stations.

The only price aside from the tool itself is the purchase of extra blades if you need them, but a set of six SKIL blades is a meager fifteen dollars.

The one-year warranty is sparse, especially compared to the three year norm of many other tools. It’s the largest con of the tool as a whole, but the rugged and simplistic design means mechanical problems are unlikely unless you are using the tool incorrectly.


Helpful Tips

Even simple and easy to use power tools bear the risk of injury if you aren’t well-versed in its use. It is recommended that you read the user manual before using it, and always wear the appropriate safety gear, such as goggles and gloves during use.


Bottom Line

SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw is not the absolute most powerful of its kind, but is still capable of tackling most household projects, and is a great tool for the affordable price that it is.

Its ability is only affected by the blades you purchase for its use, making it a tool with great versatility and convenience. It’s ideal for long term-projects and built to last, with its only serious drawback being a brief warranty.


  • Can change blades easily, making it very versatile
  • Lightweight and small, easy to use for long project
  • No batteries means less expense and longer work time
  • Very affordable for power provided 


  • Brief Warranty
  • Cord does affect portability 


Product Summary

Product: SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Saw

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Unique Feature: Counter Balance

My Rating: 9.4 out of 10


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