WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander Review: Includes Detachable Dust Bag


WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander ReviewWEN is an older company that pioneered all sorts of power tool designs starting back in 1951. Having developed many tools and systems that are still critical to effective power tools today, WEN has earned its place as a prestigious power tool company that provides quality equipment for their customers.

The WEN 6321 Belt Sander is just one such high quality tool. A sturdy, reliable, and affordable combination, the 6321 is a viable tool for every handyman, capable of handling a reasonable amount of jobs without demanding the same money or effort as other belt sanders of the same class.

No matter how you slice it, the WEN 6321 is a worthy addition to anyone’s arsenal of power tools.


Product Overview

Product: WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Compact Design

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10




At dimensions of 3 x 21 inches, the WEN 6321 is a moderately large power tool. However, this size is roughly equal to most other belt sanders of the same class, so it isn’t unusual and likely won’t present any sort of drawback to the user.


At only six pounds, the WEN 6321 is a very lightweight tool. It can be used throughout the day for extended periods of time with little fatigue to the user, and its low weight makes it easy to store right on the wall of your garage.

Most belt sanders of this class weigh around this much, but six pounds is a little on the lower end.

Power Type

The WEN 6321 is a corded electric power tool that uses 7 amps of power. Being corded means must have a nearby outlet to be used, but for obvious reasons this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem for anyone.

And of course, being corded means there is no need to invest in costly battery packs or recharger stations, keeping the cost of using the WEN 6321 low.

WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander Review


Special Features

This belt sander is small and compact, with a sturdy but simple design. Understandably, it doesn’t pack a huge number of special features, though it does still have them.

It does come equipped with a removable dust bag to make cleanup a simple and effortless process. It also has a lock in safety feature that allows the sander to run without constantly pressing the trigger, making it even easier to use.


Purchase of the WEN 6321 comes with the bare tool itself, which includes the dust bag used to keep the area clean. Belts must be purchased separately.


Purchase of the WEN 6321 comes with a two-year warranty, which is about the norm for most power tools. You could pay a little extra to extend the warranty, but ultimately a sturdy tool like the WEN 6321 will last as long as you treat it well.

WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander Review



The WEN 6321 is an average sized, sturdy and powerful belt sander for its class. It is a very manageable size and weight, is able to run continuously since it is corded instead of battery powered, and has easy cleanup and automated function capabilities.

In short, it is not a wonder tool packed to the brim with special features. But it is a reliable tool that will serve you well for its class and price range. If all you need is a belt sander for straightforward work, the WEN 6321 is an excellent and affordable choice.



At a price of less than $40, the WEN 6321 is an extremely affordable belt sander related to its class and capabilities.

Many sanders of an equal class and power are a bit more expensive. That said, you do still have to purchase belts to use alongside the sander, which can cost upwards of an extra twenty dollars depending on how many belts you purchase.

Even so, for the belt sander in and of itself, roughly forty dollars is an extremely affordable price that won’t be matched by many other tools of the same class.


Helpful Tips

While power tools are constantly becoming safer and less risky to use, there is always a danger involved in power tools.

It is recommended that you always read the user and safety manuals prior to operating any tool, and you should always wear the proper safety gear during operation, especially goggles.

WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander Review


Bottom Line

The WEN 6321 is an average belt sander at a good price. It doesn’t come loaded with a dozen special features, but it does possess all the right qualities to be a sturdy and reliable tool.

At the end of the day, the WEN 6321 is a belt sander, and little else. Don’t expect it to amaze you with qualities fitting power tools of the future.

However, if what you need (and what you want to pay for) is a straightforward belt sander that can and will do exactly what you are expecting of it, then the WEN 6321 is an excellent option, and an extremely affordable one at approximately forty dollars, not including the purchase of belts for use. As far as getting what you pay for, it’s hard to match.


  • Extremely manageable weight and size
  • Corded power negates the need for batteries and battery packs
  • Very affordable investment of roughly forty dollars, plus the purchase of sanding belts
  • Comes with an extensive two-year warranty compared to many other tools


  • Very simple tool not equipped with very many special features
  • Purchase of tool does not come with belts for use
  • Being corded means extension cords may be needed for some outdoor work


Product Summary

Product: WEN 6321 Corded Belt Sander

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

Unique Feature: Compact Design

My Rating: 9.1 out of 10


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